The Full Moon Arts Center in East Moriches, New York, on the south shore of Long Island, is a unique resource for artists, musicians, dancers, writers and other creative innovators. Its goal is to nurture artistic development and collaboration through residencies and on-site multi-media exhibitions, projects and events, and to encourage community audiences to interact with them in the belief that direct experience of the arts enhances the quality of life.


Situated on two landscaped acres, the main building is an 1860’s former barn and stable which was converted to a central performance and exhibition space flanked by studios, private sleeping quarters and a large communal kitchen. A three-car garage next to the barn now houses a sleeping loft and work space, and there is a separate writing studio. Next to these buildings are a dining arbor, pool, grassy lawn and tree house.


Founded in 2008, the Full Moon Arts Center is the culmination of a vision by its founder, Ronnie Wiener. Its previous owner, architect and artist Raymond Gomez had renovated the barn in the early 1990’s, retaining its original ceiling height and six stables to create a distinctive interior, and it was this inventive transformation of space that inspired Ms. Wiener to purchase it and create the Center.


Ronnie Wiener is an art collector, artist and musician. She served as Overseer at the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute of Contemporary Art, and owns the Baywinds Art and Antique Center in East Moriches.

6 Moriches Avenue - East Moriches, NY